Unlimited Landing Pages for Google and Facebook Ad Campaigns

Optimize your clients' ad campaigns with fast, successful and high converting landing pages.

We've worked with these amazing companies ...

Landing pages convert 65% higher than website pages, on average ...

... as we’re sure you’ve discovered, by now.

Paid traffic pointed to generic web pages—like a homepage, for example—don’t convert well and drive up cost-per-click ...

... but if visitors click through from an ad to a highly relevant, focused landing page—one that continues on the exact same thread as the ad, and provides them with a single prominent call-to-action—conversions increase.

After all, there’s zero point in carefully crafting a perfect Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaign for your client, only to generate zero new leads.

Just as you create specific, targeted ads for your campaigns, it's equally vital to ensure that you’re creating custom landing pages to work with your ads so that they succeed.

But you’re busy, and your clients are busy ... it's hard enough just getting them to approve ads on time, let alone expecting them to find the time and energy to create the required landing pages. It’s even harder to expect them to create landing pages that actually perform.

Sound familiar? Then we’ve got you covered.

Polar Bear Pages takes care of all your landing pages for a no-nonsense flat monthly fee, which means...

No more crippling your ad campaigns. 👇

“The landing page you redesigned for Listary launched 2 months ago. The bounce rate dropped dramatically from more than 70% to around 40%. The conversion rate increased over 80% and sales are growing significantly. I don't know how many customers I’ve lost due to the previous poor design—I hate to think about it! Amazing work, thank you!”

Channing Dai, listary.com

How it works


Select your plan and submit your first landing page request

We'll even guide you (or your client) through the copy creation process if you're stuck.


We'll begin working and deliver your first landing page in one/two weeks

Check it out and let us know if you need any changes. Unlimited revisions are included.


Submit another landing page request

Stack them up and we'll knock them out one after another. Rinse and repeat.

About us

We're part of the NerveCentral group, and here at Polar Bear Pages our goal is to provide an incredible customer experience AND quantifiable results that increase your profits. We're a small team of individuals with specialized experience, here to help you squeeze every last drop of revenue out of your landing pages.










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“Polar Bear Pages came up with a page design that I would not have been capable of designing myself and transformed our conversions—one goal conversion increased by 65%, one by 165% and the primary goal conversion on the page increased by 440%. We are now using them to improve all our landing pages. Great to work with and exceptional results.”

Mark Singleton, Speak Easily

Here's a small section of landing pages we've created

Select your plan

Get unlimited landing pages for your ad campaigns starting today.


£1250/m £1000/month

Save 20% for life!

Unlimited landing pages

(2 weeks per page)

Unlimited revisions

100 form submissions per page per month

Branded email notifications

10 custom domains or subdomains

Superfast & secure (SSL) hosting

Embed third-party code

Professional custom designs

Fully mobile responsive pages

Google Ads & Facebook Ads compliant

Guided content creation—we'll help you write high converting copy

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£1900/m £1500/month

Save 20% for life!

Unlimited landing pages

(1 week per page)

Unlimited revisions

Unlimited form submissions

Unbranded email notifications

Use your own SMTP server

Unlimited custom domains or subdomains

Superfast & secure (SSL) hosting

Embed third-party code

Professional custom designs

Fully mobile responsive pages

Google Ads & Facebook Ads compliant

Guided content creation—we'll help your client write high converting copy


Contact us for pricing

Need more landing pages created every month?

Contact us today for a custom plan that suits your specific requirements.


Who is this service best for?

Agencies that have clients who require landing pages for their campaigns.

Companies that require multiple landing pages for A/B testing and optimization.

Do you offer a white label option?

Yes, we offer a white label option on the Agency plan.

How many concepts or mockups do you design for each landing page?

Just the one unless we’ve agreed otherwise, but it’s the one we believe is the best to increase your conversions.

How many revisions do I get on my design?

You have unlimited revisions on the design of your landing page.

What if I don’t like the finished design?

This rarely happens as we work closely with you throughout the process, adjusting the design based on your feedback. We also recommend you test the design to see how it converts before dismissing it. If you still don’t like the design, then we have no problem trying again with a new design.

What are your turnaround times?

Each landing page will take one or two weeks to complete depending on the plan you select.

Can you design long form landing pages?

Yes, we can create long form landing pages, but they will take longer than the standard one or two weeks to produce. Once we have your requirements for your custom landing page, we'll let you know how long it will take before proceeding.

Do you code the landing page as well?

Yes, we design, build and host the landing pages for you.

Can you integrate the landing page into my CMS?

No, we use our own system to build and host each landing page.

Is there a contract?

No, our plans are free to cancel, downgrade or upgrade at any time.